Supervision et Monitoring of Singrobo-Yamoussoukro highway construction works (Lot 3: Toumodi-Yamoussoukro);

Country of achievement
Côte d’Ivoire
Start date
Expiration date
Global budget
1,348 milliard de FCFA (2 055 013 €)
CID Maroc

Project Background :

The construction of Singrobo-Yamoussoukro highway is part of the national road network development policy. The project involves extending Singrobo highway to Yamoussoukro. The highway has a 31.726-km length, divided into two (2) lots. It consists of two (2) 7-meter high carriageways, an emergency stop strip of 2.30 m and a 0.5-m left-hand hard shoulders for each carriageway.

Lanes are separated by a 12-m central median. The Singrobo-Yamoussoukro highway is an L1 track within the meaning of ICTAAL 2000