Ever since its foundation in 1991, CIRA SAS has assigned itself the chief mission of active involvement in the process of sustainable development in Africa.  The process includes several strongly committed States and Development Partners who intend to work in intervention areas involving engineering service provisions.

T We are aware that Customer satisfaction and our economic performance are our guarantees for sustainability and growth.  Achieving such objectives requires a culture of anticipation and prevention of risks. Hence the reason why since February 2016 we have implemented an Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System compliant with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards. 

In line with the company's strategic guidelines, our policy is based on four main lines of action 

  • Optimization of our human and organizational capital;
  • Control of Quality - Safety - Environment risks associated with our activities ;
  • Consolidation and development of our Customer Capital;
  • Improvement of our Services Capital.

 In this context, we are particularly committed to complying with legal and regulatory requirements and other applicable requirements; Prevent personal injury, employee health and pollution and maintain a continuous improvement in the whole of our processes.


Our approach requires the responsibility of each and every one of us and a close collaboration of the whole staff is required in the achievement of our activities. Our approach also requires rigor and a constant desire to improve our processes and methods.


I would appreciate it if each employee could gauge what is at stake, get fully committed, in all circumstances, and make of QSE requirements a must. This requires encouraging our suppliers to make responsible choices and respect the same values.


I will personally see to it that our objectives and targets involving Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work are annually defined and assessed, and will mobilize necessary resources to that end.



Done in Bamako, August 27, 2018

The CEO 


Seydou Mamadou COULIBALY