Supervision and Monitoring of hydro-agricultural development works in Rugamura, Kabuyenge and Nyavyamo marshes, Block A.

Country of achievement
Projet d’Appui aux Infrastructures Rurales de la Région Naturelle de Bugesera
Start date
Expiration date
Global budget
567 Millions de FCFA (864 109 €)

Project Background :

The Burundese Government upon a ADB funding launched a Rural Infrastructure Support Project in Bugesera (PAIRB).

Part of the fund will be used to finance the hydro-agricultural development works of Rugamura (72.5 ha), Kabuyenge (232 ha) and Nyavyamo Block A (538.5 ha) marshes. The work consists of: 
• Constructing thirty-three (33) outlets and irrigation networks;
• Developing drains and outfalls;
• Constructing pedestrian track dikes and marsh access tracks;
• Constructing side weirs, falls, crossing structures and water troughs.

Estimated duration of work is twenty four (24) months.