Supervision assignment of works involving the complete resettlement plan of populations affected by the development of Gué-Gué, Lowé-Iai and Terre Nouvelle watershed.

Country of achievement
Ministère de l’Équipement, des Infrastructures et de l’Aménagement du Territoire, Unité de Coordination de l’Étude et des Travaux (UCET)
Start date
Expiration date
Global budget
1, 187 Milliard de FCFA (1 809 105 €)

Project Background :

As part of the implementation of Libreville Sanitation Priority Program (APRIL) which is right in line with the Declaration of Urban Policy adopted in March 2000, to achieve the MDGs by 2025, the Government of Gabonese Republic plans to develop three watersheds (Gué-Gué, Lowé-IAI and Terre Nouvelle) with a surface area of 1,647 ha and a drainage network of 25 km long.
The total assessment of Resettlement Plan (PCR) for this project, implemented in accordance with national and international legislations, recognized 6,904 people to be moved and resettled involuntarily.
The overall objective of PCR works is to move and settle all the affected people in accordance with the State-of-the Art.
Specific objectives include: 

  • sustaining and making viable 75-hectare resettlement site in Bikélé, including the supply of electricity and drinking water;
  • Building 1,100 homes with three different standings: NOYA type, LOWÉ type and N'KOK type; and
  • Building socio-collective facilities: a dispensary, a primary school, a college and a sports center.