Supervision and Monitoring of  Ngoura-Oum Hadjer Road construction works on Ngoura-Ati section (236 km)

Country of achievement
Direction Nationale des Routes
Start date
Expiration date
Global budget
1,746 milliard de FCFA (2 662 095 €)

Project Background :

The project is in keeping with Chad’s transport sector policy, which gives priority to furthering road network rehabilitation, its maintenance and extension with a view to reduce the country's interior and exterior isolation.

The project includes 2 lots.

Lot 1: Ngoura - N'Djamena Bilala (120,5 km) and Lot 2: N'Djamena Bilala-Ati (115,5 km)
Main technical characteristics:

  • Length of the road: 236 km;
  • Platform Width: 10 m;
  • Roadway Width: 7 m;
  • Foundation layer 30-cm thick made up of 75% granite arena and 25% silty sand;
  • 20 cm thick base layer composed of 30%  formed on granitic sand and 70% crushed stone 0/31.5;
  • Pavement surfacing: bituminous concrete (5 cm);
  • Shoulder width: 2x1.5 m;
  • Shoulder surfacing: monolayer surface coating. Hydrraulic structures: 370 1x1x1 to 2x2x1culverts, ditches etc.