Supervision and Monitoring of assistance to contracting authority in the opening of tenders, contract negotiation preparation and awarding, supervision and monitoring of works involved in the first and second phase of   Kabala drinking water supply works.

Country of achievement
Société Malienne de Patrimoine de l’Eau Potable SA (SOMAPEP-SA)
Start date
Expiration date
Global budget
4,099 Milliards de FCFA (6 248 973€)
Cabinet MERLIN

Project Background :

The project addresses both the development and access to drinking water in Bamako and the support to urban water reform at the national level. It includes two sub-objectives:

  • increase by 2017 the availability of drinking water for about 1 million inhabitants of the capital by building urban water infrastructure;
  • Contribution to sustainable and efficient management of water services in Malian urban sectors by strengthening the capacities of SOMAPEP and SOMAGEP operators.